Come see the Cerberus difference for yourself. No matter your athletic history or current fitness level, your performance-based or aesthetic goals, CrossFit Cerberus is here to support your personal fitness journey. Behind you is a fun and dedicated community comprised of beginner to experienced athletes, as well as a highly-qualified training staff to see you through each and every class.

CrossFit combines weightlifting of all variations, gymnastics and “cardio” to create highly effective, efficient workouts that never feel routine, and produce superior results. Sound intense? Too tough? Like nothing you’ve ever done before? We’ve all been there. All it takes is that first step through the door and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Our system is designed to first familiarize you with the methodology, set appropriate goals, measure progress, and make incremental but significant progress toward those personal fitness goals. Fitness has been redesigned, redefined, and we execute it better than anyone else. See fitness in a whole new way — it’s life-changing.


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