Justin Powell


  • Coaching gymnastics, CrossFit, and Weightlifting for 10 years.

Justin Powell

Head Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach


Justin is an accomplished athlete. He is a USPA Missouri state record holder, and the 2015 Kansas State Open Weightlifting Champion. As a coach, he loves seeing and being a part of the “ah-ha” moments his athletes experience when a lift or movement just makes sense.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USAW Level 1
  • USAW Level 2
  • USAG Level 1
  • Cerberus Level 4 Coach
  • Eat to Perform Nutrition Certification
  • Favorite CrossFit movement?

    Everything Olympic lifting and Bar muscle ups

  • Favorite workout?

    Linda and Elizabeth

  • What do you love about CrossFit?

    The goal setting process. The confidence you build from hitting PR's

  • Favorite go to meal?

    3 pointer from chipotle and RevHoney

  • Favorite thing to do when you’re not coaching/working?

    Painting and comic book art

  • Hype jam? (what song/artist/station) do you listen to to get pumped up?

    Johnny Cash

  • Favorite podcast/book/or movie?

    Lone Wolf and Cub, The Professional

  • Favorite Quote?

    “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." Socrates. "We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." Chuck Palahniuk

  • Previous sporting experiences and successes?

    Powerlifting State Record in the Back Squat in 2014, 2015 Kansas State Open Weightlifting Champion, Martial Arts, and Skate boarding

  • Current goals?

    Create more art, expand my coaching experiences, and compete in powerlifting

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