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You’ll Know When It’s Time to Quit

All about hanging in there...even when every muscle in your body is screaming at you to STOP.

You’ll Know When It’s Time to Quit

There will be signs.  I mean, seriously, most of us know when it’s time to stop wearing the booty shorts with the words HOTTIE across the butt (or ok, realistically, to NEVER start wearing them!), and most of us know when it’s time to stop eating at the Golden Corral buffet. (Pro tip: Never start, but that’s just a suggestion.)


So here’s the thing.  You’ll want to quit CrossFit.  You will.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  It’s freakin’ hard!  It’s the hardest thing many of us have done.  It’s definitely the hardest physical thing I’ve done.  I can’t even claim childbirth as something difficult, because there were drugs (so many drugs), and you know what that means…birds were chirping, and things were swirling, and suddenly there were babies.  No pain.  Zip.  Zilch.  So, yeah, for me, CrossFit is WAY tougher than having kids.  (At least until they start getting sassy.  That’s another story.)

One Squat at a Time

But here’s the thing.  When your coach tells you he doesn’t care that your legs ache when you have to squat deep, or when he tells you to pick up the damned bar and go again, or when he tells you to breathe and drop to the floor for one more burpee, it’s making you better.  Just one more rep makes me better, too.  Every single rep matters, because it’s one rep we didn’t get in during the previous WOD.  And you know what that rep says?  It says, “Dear Self, I’m kicking your ass, and don’t even think about giving in.  In fact, this is just the warm-up.  So lace up your shoes, take a deep breath, and get ready for a hella badass WOD.”  Yep, one rep can do all that.  The clock may be counting down, but you can squeeze in JUST ONE MORE REP.


So here’s when to quit.  You quit when you can’t lift one more finger.  You quit when you can’t take one more breath.  You quit when you can’t move one more foot forward.  You quit when you KNOW beyond a doubt you’ve finished your entire story; until then, you MOVE.

If it’s not time to quit, you fight.  You get better, and you do AMAZING things with the mind and body you’ve been given!  You improve, you progress, you kick your own ASS in the ass.  Tired?  Tough.  Squats make you a little achy?  Too bad.  Get a little gaspy when running?  At least you can run.  Go get it!

Take the gifts you have and RUN with them.  Do something with them.  You’ve found your place.  You’ve found your people.  And you’re a LONG way from quitting.  You’ll know when it’s time to quit, but now is NOT the time.  In fact, it’s not even wise to try to quit right now, because your Cerberus people will simply pick you up, put you on your feet, and hand you a barbell.

There’s no quitting.  There’s only succeeding.  Now go be AMAZING.  (And sweaty.  Be that, too.)

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