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We’re All Unique Snowflakes

Special, special snowflakes. So many millions of snowflakes.

We’re All Unique Snowflakes

Special, special snowflakes.  Coach Justin reminded us on Monday night that we’re all individuals…extraordinary little CrossFitters, right down to our singularly unique knee socks and ponytails and bro tanks and bedazzled jorts (no one really has these, right?).  And he told us he loves us all, each and every one.


All this right before he kicked us square in the asses and told us to straighten the HELL up and stop being little babies and start logging our numbers on TrainHeroic.  And that happened right before he told us, “But you’re still special little snowflakes.  There are just a million of you.”

And then he kicked our butts—BIG TIME—in one of those WODS that don’t sound so bad when you first read them, but then they sort of sneak up and puncture you in the lungs and leave you heaving on the floor.

So that was Monday.

But There Was a Lesson

Some of us have been slacking when it comes to logging our numbers.  (I’m so, so very guilty of this.)  And for me, it’s not because I don’t want to log my numbers.  Heck, I’m used to coming in last and scaling things…like EVERYTHING!  I’ll put that on the Cerberus billboard.

But here’s the deal.  Have you ever seen one of those unorganized-organized writerly-looking desks?  You know the ones with stacks of books and sheets of torn-up paper with random notes on them?  The desks that belong to the Nutty Professor?  Yeah, my desk looks like that.  And my digital notes look like that.  And honestly, the inside of my head works like that.

And I started at CrossFit back in the day of the old-school whiteboard.  So I didn’t have to remember to log something digitally.  Instead, I could just heave my sweat-coated body across the floor and scribble something resembling numbers on the board and poof…done!  Point is, I didn’t have to remember anything.  Or be organized.  It worked really, really well for me.yes-i-logged-my-numbers

And all of that is an entire BUTTLOAD of excuses from a right-brained person who’s trying to get fit and healthy.  But guess what I didn’t realize?

  • I didn’t realize people were depending on ME to write my stuff down.  (That changes things.)
  • I didn’t realize my scores mattered to anyone else but me.  (That makes a difference.)
  • I didn’t realize I’m making it harder on my coaches AND my boxmates by forgetting to log my numbers.  (Wow, I’m a butt.)
  • I didn’t realize that my heaving, sweating, struggling, SCALED WOD could be the inspiration someone needs to keep trying.  (Well, crap.  Guess I need to log my stuff.)
  • I didn’t realize anyone even noticed or cared what I did in the box.  (Hmmm.  If it matters to other people, it should definitely matter to me.)
  • I didn’t realize that, by not logging my numbers, it minimizes the work I did.  (OMG, that was HARD work!)
  • I didn’t realize that maybe I’m keeping people from participating in a healthy dose of competition.  (Public Service Announcement: Coach Justin will compete to DESTROY any one of us in a WOD.)
  • I didn’t realize our coaches will use our logged numbers to help us when we get stuck or need a kick-start.  (So I’d better have something to show, or I won’t get any answers when I get stuck on nutrition or making DEM GAINZ.)

Monday was a bit of a revelation.  I really never thought it was a big deal to log—or NOT LOG—my numbers after a WOD.  Heck, I thought I was doing pretty great just showing up and surviving.  But the truth is, I can do better.  So, from one BUTTHEAD OF A UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE to all the other snowflakes who may not be logging their numbers, let’s try to be more consistent.

Not only are we helping ourselves, but we’re making things better for those around us.  Our numbers could even be the inspiration that gets someone through the next WOD.

Let’s proudly throw up our best numbers.  Our worst numbers.  Our RX numbers.  Our scaled numbers.  We can share our successes and our struggles—and most of all, we can say, “WE GOT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!”


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