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The Top 10 Excuses to Skip Your CrossFit WOD and How to BUST Them for Good


The Top 10 Excuses to Skip Your CrossFit WOD and How to BUST Them for Good

We’ve all come up with our fair share of excuses.  If you say you haven’t, you’re either a saint, a teller of tall tales, or slightly delusional.  True, some in our CrossFit Cerberus crew are much better than others at canning the cop-outs, but there are still those days when laziness rears its ugly head.  And there are so many good excuses just begging to be used!  Here are a few favorites…as well as some great reasons to ditch the excuses for good and simply get your gluteus maximus to the box!


Excuse #1:  Fran (or Barbara or Elizabeth or some other lovely lady) messed me up BAD!  And now I can’t make it down the stairs of my own home, lower myself to the toilet, or otherwise function as the reasonably mobile person I was yesterday.

Excuse-Buster:  That, my friend, is the awesomeness inside your body declaring its presence!  It’s patting you on the shoulder for a job well-done.  Ok, actually, it’s likely delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is caused by small micro-tears in the muscle, which are brought on by the high-intensity WODs you’re rockin’ out.  So yeah, your muscles may be crying a little bit, but don’t stop coming to the box.  When you keep moving, you’ll feel better in the long run.

Excuse #2: I’m not losing weight; in fact, I think I gained a couple pounds!  I’m eating the right food, and the scale is going UP.

Excuse-Buster:  Good!  Because do you know what that means?  It means you’re busting your butt, gaining some serious glutes and other muscles—which are helping you burn fat.  You’re losing fat and gaining muscle, and do you know what that means?  It means the number on the scale won’t always go down, but there are other ways to measure your success.  Are your jeans getting looser?  Are certain movements getting less challenging? Do you use your inhaler less? (I do!!) Use all the tools at your disposal to remind yourself you’re on the right path.  And keep on keepin’ on!


Excuse #3:  I just have too much on my plate.  My kids have soccer practice, I had to work late, the laundry isn’t done, and I have NO idea what anyone’s going to eat for dinner.

Excuse-Buster:  Think of your WODs as your health insurance plan.  Would you skip taking your kids to the doctor?  NOPE.  You are doing this to be healthy and strong so that you are able to do all the running around, taxi driving, meal cooking, soccer-momming, boardrooming, teacher meeting, dog shampooing, and everything else that comes your way.  Resolve to find yourself tools that will make your work week easier!  (Think pre-planned meals, ride-sharing, flex schedules.)  Get creative and find a way to make life work so you have time to take care of YOU!

Excuse #4: I’ve already let myself go too far.  I mean, look at me!  I’m past my prime, can’t run, can barely walk the stairs, and definitely can’t keep up with the rest of the class.

Excuse-Buster:  Perfect!  Then you’re in the right place.  Out of all the places in the world you could work out, CrossFit is the most understanding, encouraging, and FLEXIBLE place to go.  Not only will you find the loudest community of cheerleaders this side of the Dallas Cowboys, you’ll feel the energy and positivity the second you walk through the door.  Even on your worst days, this group of people won’t let you fall!

Excuse #5: My kids have already had a long day.  They’ve been at school, probably have homework, and I can’t just check them in somewhere.

Excuse-Buster:  Totally get that.  No checking in here.  In fact, bring the kiddos!  They can watch you set the best fitness example of your life from the safety of the kids’ area.  Bring their books, iPads, or anything else they need, and get your WOD on while your kiddos relax.

Excuse #6: I have chronic back (knee/hip/you-name-it) pain.  I’ve tried just about every exercise plan out there, and it just hurts to do anything.

Excuse-Buster:  Pain sucks, and we don’t want anyone to be in pain.  But with a focus on mobility and the right movements for your body, you can make significant progress.  It can be scary to get moving after an injury or after surgery, but it’s better than the alternative, which is remaining stagnant.  With the right coaches listening to your needs and modifying your movements, you can move mountains!  It’s ok to take things slow, but keep moving.

Excuse #7: I’m gonna start later.  In fact, I’ll pencil it onto the calendar right now.  Maybe next week, because this week is just not good for me.  I have the thing at the place, and whew, I am just overwhelmed!

Excuse-Buster: No day is going to be better than today.  Trust me on this one.  I have tried this excuse numerous times, and tomorrow NEVER gets here.  The excuse is always made with the best of intentions, but something always comes up, and then you’ll end up waiting just one more day…every single time.  Rip off that Band-Aid, fellow WOD-er, and haul your booty in to the box.

Excuse #8:  I’m just so tired today.  Seriously, I was up late helping my kid write a paper, and then the toilet overflowed, the dog barfed on the rug at 2 a.m., and to top it all off, I had to get up early to make a mandatory 7 a.m. meeting.  No way am I gonna make tonight’s WOD.

Excuse-Buster:  What better way to wrap up a crap-tastic day than to kick it in the butt with a giant dose of “Take That!”  If it seems like everything’s gone wrong, why not take control of the last part of your day and make sure something goes fantastically RIGHT?!  After all, you’ve put up with enough shit, and there’s not much that will make you feel better than hanging out with a group of like-minded Cross-Fitters, listening to really loud music, and picking up insanely heavy hunks of metal.

Excuse #9:  It’s a really long drive.  I mean, I could just stay home, whip up some dinner, and maybe do some arm circles and stretches while watching that Grey’s Anatomy episode I DVR’d.

Excuse-Buster:  Um yeah, and while you’re doing those arm circles, maybe you could muster up enough energy to power your grandma’s percolating coffee maker.  First of all, you KNOW you aren’t going to get home and do any sort of working out; instead you’re going to get home and get distracted doing ALL THE THINGS that need to be done.  Secondly, the box isn’t that far away.  (You’d drive further for a good shoe sale!)  You know what you can do in the car while you’re driving? Listen to cool music.  Call your mom on your hands-free device.  Listen to an audio book.  Enjoy the peace and quiet.  Lots of things.  Just get in the car.  Drive.  Go do your WOD.

Excuse #10:  I messed up.  Again.  Now I may as well wait until after family pizza night this Friday to work out.  Well, actually, we have that thing on Sunday, and there’ll be TONS of food.  Better to wait until after that.  Nope, I forgot.  Vacay is in two weeks, and I’ll pile on the pounds there.  Yep, I already fell off the wagon.  I’ll wait until next month to start fresh!

Excuse-Buster: Does anyone else see the utter messed-up-ness going on here?  And I’m not judging, because I OWN this excuse!  But let’s get real.  So what?  You ate a piece of pizza.  We’re all human.  Sometimes we eat 3 slices of pizza, and sometimes we DO eat dessert first…or only dessert and no dinner.  And sometimes we DO miss a WOD, but that doesn’t mean we fall off the wagon completely.  And it sure as hell doesn’t mean we sell the wagon to some farmer down the road and never, ever get back on a wagon because we’re so ashamed/mad/embarrassed about screwing up.  Sometimes it’s not even a mess-up; sometimes we just want a piece of pizza…and that’s ok!  Just remember there’s a wagon, and you gotta get back on it!

So there they are.  All your excuses in a nice little bundle, along with all the reasons they don’t stand up.  I’ve made every single one of them…multiple times, but I’ve been recently put on the No-Excuses Diet, which, believe me, is much stricter than the dreaded Cabbage Soup Diet, however, I have a feeling it’s going to turn out to be much more fulfilling.

I bet if we all adopt the No-Excuses Diet together, we’ll start feeling 100% better about ourselves and the work we’re doing!

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