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The Anatomy of an Excuse


The Anatomy of an Excuse

Sometimes it’s easier to stare something straight in the eyes in order to understand it and then conquer it.  What does it really mean to make excuses?


The first thing it means is this: If you start making excuses, you eventually get really, really good at making excuses.  You seamlessly go from things like, “Yeah, I couldn’t make it because I wasn’t feeling well,” to more prolific excuses like, “Did you hear about the kangaroo that escaped from the zoo?  Yeah, well, dude!  This is gonna sound crazy, buuuuut I’m pretty sure rescue efforts were thwarting the flow of traffic this morning, and while I really, really wanted to work out, that darned kangaroo got in the way.

Let’s face it; after a while, they just start to sound ridiculous.


The second thing it means when you make excuses is this: You’re cheating yourself.  C’mon, no one’s really falling for the kangaroo story, and you can really only tell your friends you’ve contracted the ebola virus, like, one time.  After that, they are seriously going to stop listening to you about your health scares and just tell you to get your butt in the gym.

Merriam-Webster defines an excuse as the following:

To disregard as of trivial import: Reasons that you give to explain politely why you cannot do something.

Trivial import?  Really?  Well, when they say it like that, sheesh, it sounds kind of harsh.  It’s not that it’s trivial.  Maybe, however, if we’re making excuses, we need to take a long hard look at how we’ve got things PRIORITIZED in our lives.

Here’s how things generally look right before an excuse happens:

Step 1.  Decide you’re feeling lazy.

Step 2.  Decide work was really, really stressful.

Step 3.  Decide the kids have too much homework and need you to stay home with them.

Step 4.  Decide you have too much laundry.

Step 5.  Decide you need to cook dinner.

Step 6.  Decide to ACT on any of the above thoughts and SKIP your WOD.

And the next day?  Wash, rinse, repeat.  It becomes easier and easier.  No one wants to fall into this cycle, but it happens.

(No one wants to eat the entire bag of cookies, but it happens.)

It’s time to make the ‘No Excuses’ mantra part of our daily routines.  (I used to do this, and then I let excuses take over my no-excuses plan.  They are insidious in that way, so watch out!)

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but here it is:

We can have RESULTS or EXCUSES—not both.  Opt for no excuses and see just how quickly you can knock the next goal off your to-do list.

Get results when you kick excuses to the curb!

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