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Ring Practice


Ring Practice

The last 2 years of the CrossFit Open I tanked on the metcons involving muscle ups.  I got frustrated, worked on my strict muscle up and have it nearly mastered..now I want to get a muscle up swinging on the rings.  With no gymnastic background I feel at a loss of where to start; thankfully, I ran into Kaylene and Carl at the gym this afternoon.

Kaylene suggested we start working on good hollow body swings on the rings.  Then Carl added some detailed explanation of the hand position: wrists away during the arch and pull hands back during the hollow to assist in getting that weightless feeling.  We practiced feeling the proper wrist engagement by standing on a low box and swinging  from the rings.  Wanted to share this tip if anyone else out there is working towards the elusive muscle up.  If you want to give it a try at the gym ask me about it…I’m always up for some extra muscle up practice.

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