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Motivation and Momentum: Getting Started Day 7


Motivation and Momentum: Getting Started Day 7

It would be nice if motivation could be picked up on Aisle 3 of the grocery store.  If that were the case, believe me, I would stock up on Saturday for the entire week!  Most weeks, by Wednesday, I’m stricken by a case of sudden-onset narcolepsy that doesn’t resolve itself until post-naptime on Saturday—which is in direct conflict with being motivated to get up and MOVE my butt.


However, in lieu of loading up my grocery cart with an entire week’s worth of gumption, I’m looking to the gurus at Eat to Perform to help me out in this department.  We’re on Day 7 of the Just Getting Started plan, and I was hoping for a magical Momentum and Motivation elixir, but here’s the thing:

Motivation is all about digging deep, finding inner fortitude…and for lack of a better phrase…deciding to just get some shit done.

And with motivation comes momentum.  One good day leads to the next.  A few good days in a row become a week.  And a few weeks in a row turn into a month of healthy habits.  Before you know it, you’ve gained momentum, and your initial inspiration has turned into an unstoppable freight train of motivation.

That’s what we all want, right?  But what if you can’t get the motivation?  I’m not talking about an off day.  We all have those.  We all have the days when we can’t seem to get geared up, when movements aren’t as seamless as they should be, or even when the alarm clock is the enemy and sleeping in is about all we can manage.  Those days happen occasionally—and sometimes our bodies just demand some rest.

But, I’ve been known to throw my momentum seriously off track by allowing myself breaks that last too long.  Essentially, I let myself make plenty of excuses and end up throwing myself into a tailspin that it’s nearly impossible to break out of.

Motivation Advice

I once received a piece of advice that has helped me whenever I seem to get into a motivation conundrum.  It goes something like this:

If you’re supposed to be at the gym and you don’t feel like going, just tell yourself you only have to go for 10 minutes.  Once you get there, you can stick to that if you want, but chances are, you’ll start to warm up, feel better, and end up at least getting a fairly decent workout.

It’s a twist on “fake it ’til you make it,” and it’s worked out for me when I’ve tried it.  Usually, once I’ve gone to the trouble of squeezing my butt into workout pants, stuffing the girls into a sports bra, laced up the shoes, and driven myself to the gym, I end up putting in more than 10 minutes of work.  Usually.  Some days just stink, and that’s the chance you take, but most of the time it works.

The thing about motivation is this: We have to find what drives us and then CHASE it.  Chase it fearlessly, ruthlessly, and without fail.  And that’s how motivation turns into momentum.  Find what drives you, what gets you out of bed in the morning, what carries you to the box after work, what keeps you going when you want to slow down.  Hold onto that…and GO!

Day 7: Get motivated.  Get moving.  Start where you are and move forward from there.

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