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Mental vs. Physical: The Challenge Awaits


Mental vs. Physical: The Challenge Awaits

We’re CrossFitters.  And we love it here.  Whether you’ve been here for a week, a few months, or for years, there are a few things that will always be true:

There will be days you’ll want to quit.  Probably a lot of them.  Don’t.


Your body will ache.  You’ll get over it.

You’ll want to cry.  Save it for later; there’s work to do.

Your lungs will burn, your muscles will scream, sweat will drip into your eyes.  Push harder.

You’ll finish last.

Every now and then, you’ll finish first.  Cheer for the one who finishes last.

You’ll be bruised, scraped, and blistered.

You’ll be better than you were yesterday.

The bar will win.  If it doesn’t, you’re not working hard enough.

You’ll fail.  A lot.

And then you’ll succeed.

You’ll fall down.  Stand back up.  Every damn time.

Some days, you’ll be the slowest runner.

Other days, you’ll fly.

You’ll be scared.  You’ll be brave.

You’ll curse.  At your body.  At the workout.  At everything.

It never gets easier.

But you’ll get better.  You’ll get better at the things you suck at.

And you’ll find new things you can’t do.

Do them anyway.

When you’re face-down on the floor, you won’t want to get back up.  But you will.

You’ll get back up every time.

Know why?  Because in CrossFit, you’re not just training your body; you’re training your mind.  When things get the hardest, everything in you wants to stop moving.  Your mind is begging your body to quit.  And your body is telling your mind you can’t go one more step.  But you CAN.  And this is where the toughest part of all comes in.  This is where the TRUE YOU gets to shine.  You put one foot in front of the other.  And you keep doing that until the clock runs down.

You get to show the bar, the WOD, the pavement what you’re made of…and you’re made of grit, muscle, and a whole hell of a lot of stick-with-it.  You’re no quitter.

If you’re slow, so what?  If you’re heavier than you want to be, so what?  If you’re scaling your workouts, so what?  Here’s what matters:

No matter how tough it is, no matter how impossible it may seem, you keep walking back into that box for more.  No turning back.  No giving up.  You show up, you finish, you win.


Challenge is inevitable.  Defeat is optional.

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