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Lessons From Vacay


Lessons From Vacay

Normally, vacation is all about relaxing, kicking back, and not worrying about a thing—and well, that’s exactly what happened this time, too.  Except, this time, something different happened.  I learned something very important.

Lessons From Vacay

I traveled with a medium-sized group of people from the U.S. to Cozumel, Mexico, and along with my husband and my son, I spent a great week filled with diving, lounging by the pool, touring, and enjoying all sorts of local food.

I didn’t log my food.  Shamefully enough, I didn’t follow any sort of planned exercise regime.  I didn’t count calories or carbs; in fact, after long days full of diving, I ate everything I wanted.  And most days included a glorious afternoon siesta, either alongside the pool or in front of the air conditioner in our hotel room.

Here’s what happened.  By the end of a full week, I tightened my belt three full notches, I felt energized, I wasn’t hungry, and my almost-always-constant headaches were gone.  I was perplexed until I thought it through.

Was it possible that all the things I’d been reading could be true?  Let me start here: Nearly everything we ate during our all-inclusive stay was NOT processed.  It was traditional Mexican food, cooked fresh, with a full complement of fruits, veggies, pico de gallo…you name it, we had it.  And don’t get me started on the fresh fish and meats; I asked, and I was told they either came directly from the ocean or from the mercado right around the corner.  In fact, one evening, we were even treated to a fresh catch, hauled in by a few of our very own divers.  Pretty delish!  All fresh.

Many of us have been learning about our nutrition as we go, reading as much as we can and absorbing Eat to Perform knowledge.  And this past week was pretty enlightening.  Not only did an all-natural diet keep me full and satisfied (I didn’t feel the need to hyper-fill myself with fake foods), but I also lost much of my inflammation and probably even a few pounds in the process.  My energy was boosted, and there was plenty of deliciousness without having to add chemicals, processed foods, and additional sugar to my diet.

At-Home Feasibility

Yeah, it’ll be a little tougher at home.  When I got back, not only was the early-morning alarm clock a rude awakening, so was the fact that I no longer had a staff of wonderful chefs preparing local cuisine for me for every meal.  Hmmm.  What to do?

When all else fails, make a plan.  After visibly noting the very quick effects of a vastly different diet, I DO know it’s worth coming up with a plan of attack.

Will it be challenging?  Yep.

Will it be worth it?  Hell yeah!

And I might even learn to make chilaquiles in the process!

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