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Joining the Journey of a Lifetime


Joining the Journey of a Lifetime

So.  Paying for things is often a catalyst toward action for me.  Not to mention that when I KNOW—really know—something works and all I have to do is get off my butt and do it, things just sort of fall into place.  It also helped that the wise Paul Nobles and his Eat to Perform staff just so happen to have dropped an invitation directly into my in-box:


(No, that’s NOT what the email said.  Although it probably should have, because really, sometimes it takes a big, fat knock upside the head to get my attention.)

The email I received from the Eat to Perform peeps was actually a little more along the lines of, “Hey, if you feel like you need a little more one-on-one help and you’d be interested in upgrading to the QuickStart + Lifetime membership, now’s a good time, because we’ve got a great deal for you!”  (Which was a MUCH nicer way of telling me to get it together.)

Here’s the thing.  Eat to Perform WORKS.  How do I know?  Because positive things are happening at our very own CrossFit Cerberus because of ETP, and I’ve read what people are saying about it.  I also know for a fact that Coach Carl of CrossFit Cerberus would not be onboard with a plan he did not 100% believe in.

So yesterday, here’s what I got when I upped my membership (WOOT!):

  • The Wave Method eBook (which I had from my initial introduction to the program)
  • The Science Driven Nutrition eMagazine (What?! Can you say awesomeness?!)
  • Performance Focused Fat Loss Survey
  • Wombat avatars to make the online experience interactive and super-fun
  • Membership in the ETP4LIFE Facebook Group (to help me hang in there for the LONG haul!)
  • Meal Planning Guide (complete with food list to help me shop!) and Templates
  • One-on-One guidance from certified ETP coaches.
  • Access to the members-only ETP forum where I can ask as MANY questions as I come up with.
  • Unlimited interactive webinars where I will LEARN great stuff to help me be a better me.

There is a huge well of information, and do you want to know what I paid for this?  99 bucks.  That’s it.  So for about the price of 16 overpriced lattes, I can have the wisdom of Paul Nobles and the entire Eat to Perform team, as well as a whole group of online people to chat and interact with as I go through this journey.  Not bad at all, considering the fact that I’ve been guilty of spending WAY more on things like magic potions, diet injections, ridiculous wraps, and dehydrated starvation “food.”  (Spoiler alert: none of the expensive shortcuts have worked.  That’s why I’m here.)

A Series of Unfortunate Events

To put things into perspective, I’ve arrived at this point and am throwing myself on the mercy of Eat to Perform after a series of unfortunate events:

  1. The dryer made all of my pants shrink.  (Ahem.  We all know the dryer did NOTHING to my pants.)


  1. I am going to be entirely too BUOYANT for an impending scuba diving trip, making me feel akin to a wronged puffer fish attempting to deflate.


  1. Manufacturers of swimwear, undergarments, and belts have decided to size down, thereby forcing me to purchase items that are marked larger than my intended size. (Also, ahem.  Bra-makers are NOT conspiring against me; however I do fear for the safety of those around me should the elastic ever finally give way.)


And here we are.  Eat to Perform is showing me that even I can do this.

If I can do this, YOU can do this.  We can ALL do this.  It’s time to throw out the excuses, eat some fuel, move our butts, and take back our lives!

You can check out the Eat to Perform membership HERE!  You’ll get nutrition advice, support, challenges…and most of all, you’ll get a community of like-minded people who are in the same place you are…for the same reasons you are.  3, 2, 1…GO!

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