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It’s a Booty-ful Day!


It’s a Booty-ful Day!

CrossFitters are firm believers in the booty, which is a really, really good thing, because all that squatting is sure to produce some serious glutes.  But did you know that sometimes our butts don’t really want to get in the game?  Why?


One of the main reasons is because many of us SIT ON THEM ALL DAY.  After sitting on them for 8 or 10 or even 12 hours in a day, it’s a pretty tough task to ask our butt muscles to instantly rev up to WOD mode.  I mean, seriously, if someone were sitting on me all day, it’d be pretty tough to suddenly jump up and want to run, right?!

Let’s Define Our Behinds

Our butt muscles are big and powerful.  (Just ask Sir Mix-a-Lot.  He’ll tell you all about it.) The biggest butt muscle, the gluteus maximus, just so happens to be the largest muscle in the body.  So when we get it powered up, it can seriously move some stuff around.  Add to that the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus, and you’ve pretty much got the human body’s powerhouse.


So, get this.  The way you position yourself, your posture, leg position, and even foot position are all factors that determine which part of your butt feels the pain (a.k.a. does the work).  For example, the gluteus maximus and minimus perform similar jobs, depending on the position of the hip and knee joints.  Most of you probably know this, because when we’re working lifts and movements, our coaches are diligent about ensuring our feet, legs, and the rest of our bodies are positioned correctly in order to work the muscles we’re targeting.

Making Our Butts Look Good

Muscle is the part of our butts that gets shaped; we can’t shape fat.  With that said, in order to show off the best of our backsides, leaning them out and letting the musculature show works well.  In other words, if there is too much fat covering our butt muscles, we’re covering up the shape.  And guess what?  Sitting on our butts all day makes them fat.  Those of us with butt-in-chair jobs have that working against us, but there’s hope!  And there’s hope if you’ve got a flatter behind, as well, because chances are, you’re carrying around less fat and can focus on beefing up the muscle you’ve got.

It’s All About Workin’ It

Whatever you’re working with in the backside department, the CrossFit prescription is going to be to work it.  There’s a great article called It’s Time to Wake Up Your Butt on the CrossFit SouthBay site ( ), which is all about learning how to isolate your glutes and get those butt muscles firing without letting muscles like the hamstrings do all the work.  It’s a pretty fun read about practicing squeezing your butt muscles and recognizing when they’re firing, and it’s totally worth your time.

Everyone at the box is already working their glutes and getting those CrossFit butts, and we all know a day without squats is…well, the day simply isn’t finished yet if we haven’t gotten our squats in.

If you’re squatting, deadlifting, lunging, kettlebell swinging, box jumping, or any number of other things where you can feel the burn in your butt, you’re giving your glutes a run for their money.

Keep working that powerhouse and kickin’ it in those yoga pants.  (Except the guys.  No yoga pants for you.)

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