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How to Feel Like an Athlete


How to Feel Like an Athlete

(While Wearing Fuzzy Pants and Slippers)

First of all, fuzzy pajama pants are conducive to sweat, so if you’re working out in them, more power to you.  Slippers, however, are…well, slippery, so use caution.

I'm athletic...

Now that we’ve gotten past that, let’s move on to something a little more difficult.  Think of a top-tier athlete.  Who pops into your mind?  It could be someone at our very own CrossFit Cerberus box, or it could be a pro athlete that’s paid a lot more money than most of us will see in a lifetime.  Whoever it is, ask yourself this:  What does that athlete think about him or herself?

Follow that up with these.  Does that athlete think:

I’m so fat.

I shouldn’t have eaten that taco.

I’m too short.

My ass looks fat in these pants.

My thighs rub together too much.

I can’t wear a tank top because my arms are floppy.

I should skip breakfast.

I’m too busy.

There are too many people looking at me.

What if I can’t?

NO.  Whatever athlete you have in your mind is not thinking ANY of those things.  Do you know why? Because that athlete is too busy KICKING ASS to worry about all the reasons he or she may be inadequate or unable to accomplish something.  The only things that athlete has time for are:

How am I going to get this done?

What’s in my way and how can I move it out of my way?

How can I do more?

When can I do more?

Who’s telling me I can’t and how can I prove them wrong?

How can I be better than I was yesterday?

I’m tall enough.

I’m glad I ate that taco.

My ass looks pretty damn good in these pants.

They can look if they want to.

When’s dinner?

Of course I can…it’s only a matter of time.

So How Can We All Feel Like Athletes?

The trick is to think like an athlete, act like an athlete, and strive to BE the best athlete possible.  The best athletes don’t talk themselves down.  They don’t tell themselves they can’t, but instead they tell themselves they will.

You may not be the fastest.  You may not jump the highest.  You may not have a string of double-unders that will win a competition.  BUT, that doesn’t mean you’re not an athlete.  You’re an athlete if you get up off your ass and try; and you’re an athlete if you’re constantly working to be better than you were the day before.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at what Merriam-Webster says:

Athlete: a person who is trained in or good at games and exercises that require physical skill, endurance, and strength

Here’s an update. If you’re at CrossFit Cerberus, you ARE trained in exercises that require physical skill, endurance, and strength.  You ARE an athlete.  In fact, if you are training anywhere and learning athletic skills, you ARE an athlete.  You may not be the best yet (or ever); that doesn’t matter.  That’s not the part that makes or breaks your athleticism.  The act of participating makes you an athlete.

Your Outlook Makes You an Athlete

Remember the old adage “you are what you eat”?  Well, for our purposes, we’re changing it to “YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK.”  In other words, if you believe you are an athlete, if you act like an athlete, if you train like an athlete, if you treat your body like an athlete’s body, then…


The physicality (a.k.a. the looks, the muscles, the superpowers) will come later.  That will follow a strong mindset.

So, you.  Yeah, you. Go look in the mirror.  Right now.  That person staring back at you?

That person is an athlete.  Treat him (or her) like it!

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