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Holding Out for a Hero


Holding Out for a Hero

Heroes are pretty awesome.  They can leap buildings in a single bound.  Fly as fast as airplanes.  Stop speeding trains.  Effortlessly run down bad guys and bring them singlehandedly to justice.  So who wouldn’t want to hang around waiting for a hero to save the day?  Seriously, they always show up in the nick of time, and to top it off, they’re usually sporting a pretty cool cape-and-tight combo.


But heroes have lesser-known powers as well.  They’re not exactly hidden powers, but they’re not as “Hey, look at me!” as, say, x-ray vision.  They are the strengths that lie quietly in wait—and they can be called upon at a moment’s notice to help save the day:

Bravery.  Heroes rarely back down from a challenge.  They aren’t scared off or intimidated simply because they may be facing something scary or unknown.


Loyalty.  They’re fierce about this.  Don’t even think about asking them to turn away from the people they’re loyal to.  They will stand their ground, lock elbows with their tribe, and stick together until the bitter end.


Strength.  You haven’t seen tough until you’ve looked a hero in the eye.  It’s steel personified.  Nothing can break them—not hardships, not sadness, not the weight of a barbell.


Patience.  They’ll hang in there and wait without complaining, and they’ll have a good attitude the entire time.  They know it takes time to accomplish greatness, and they’re calm, cool, and collected during the process.


Kindness.  Of course they’re kind!  How could they have all these other superpowers and not be one of the reasons people around them keep smiling?  Heroes are always thinking of new ways to make someone’s day.


Perseverance.  They have that stick-with-it-ness you don’t see in just anybody.  They’re not quitting, and they’re not giving up until they get it right, learn something, and get better in the process.  So either join in and get some work done alongside them, or get out of the way.


So yeah, I can see why we’d all want to sit back and wait for one of these badasses to show up.  They’ve got quite the resume of cool skills.  And, it’s no secret we’re all pretty tired, what with all the full-time working, WOD’ing, nutrition tracking, homework checking, kid-wrangling, house cleaning, yard maintaining, dog walking, day-in/day-out running we do!

There are evenings when I finally flop onto the sofa and think, “Sheesh, I could use an army of heroes to help me out!”  But then I think about the peeps I just hung out with.  And I remember I just left a CrossFit box that was full of people who displayed BRAVERY, LOYALTY, STRENGTH, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, AND PERSEVERENCE.

And then I think, “Hey, wait a minute…”  And I realize that even though we may not stop speeding trains on a regular basis and we may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, we’re damned sure working on some quality box jumps, and that’s pretty close to the same thing.

Every single person who shows up at that box has gotten up off the couch and made the decision to be brave, to be strong, and to persevere.  So, yeah, there may be days when we’re tired.  But we’re not sitting around waiting for a hero; because we ARE the heroes!

You.  Yes, you there.  You are saving the day every single day.  Even when you don’t feel like it.  Even when you feel like you had the worst WOD ever.  Don’t get down on yourself, because someone else saw you—and you know what?  You inspired that person.  You inspired someone else who was more down than you.  So WOD onward, hero.


Heroes don’t have to fly.  They just have to hang in there.

Be your own hero.  Drag yourself over that finish line.  Every single time.

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