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Hello, Eat to Perform Trend Sheets!


Hello, Eat to Perform Trend Sheets!

If there’s anyone out there who may be an Eat to Perform member, but maybe didn’t dive right in and absorb all the information they needed right off the bat…(ahem, looks at self in mirror), there’s a brand-new tool from our friends and PROS at Eat to Perform to help us out!

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Check out the ETP Trend Sheets!  Specifically designed for those who are brand-new to the program—or those who are getting back in gear or re-learning what they really needed to learn better in the first place—Trend Sheets are going to help us tackle the Mt. Everest of knowledge that’s made available to us by ETP.

Think back to the good ol’ days of walking into a library.  Now, imagine walking in and knowing you need to find some specific information, but having absolutely no idea where to go first or who to ask for help.  Imagine being totally overwhelmed and finally just throwing your hands up in the air in frustration and having a donut instead.  (Yes, this has happened.)

Now let’s go new school.  Imagine hopping on Google and being too overwhelmed to even know where to start.  Instead, what if you just began reading and hoped—in the middle of trying to absorb everything—that you ran across helpful information that you happened to find useful?  It would be too much!

It’s easy for newbies to feel overwhelmed or lost when jumping in to ETP, and that’s where Trend Sheets come in.  They serve as a way to get faster, one-on-one advice from the ETP Coaching Staff.  Woot!

In case you didn’t get the awesome email from Paul Nobles updating you on what to do to get started with your very own Trend Sheet, do this:

  1. Join the ETP Welcome Group. (← Click to the left!)
  2. Submit your info to the Challenge using this form.  
  3.   Start a Trend Sheet in the Welcome Group and update it every day.  Use the hashtags ‪#‎accountabilitychallenge ‪#‎trendsheets.

Once you’ve clicked to join the Welcome Group on Facebook, you’ll get approved fairly quickly.  (Mine was within 5 minutes!)  After that, you’ll be directed to an online form, which is super-easy and will allow the ETP folks to access your info and create a personalized Trend Sheet for you:


They’re expecting a LOT of response to this, so be patient when waiting for your Trend Sheet.  It will look like this:

Trend Sheet

Once you’ve received it, you should log your activities on it daily, using the hashtags #accountabilitychallenge and #trendsheets in order to allow the ETP coaches to easily find and interact with your Trend Sheet.  You’ll get personalized feedback and interaction, which will help you along your journey!

I’m personally SUPER excited about this!  It’s like a personal trainer/best friend/drill sergeant/therapist/one-on-one coach/accountability safeguard…ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!  And to make it even better, it hangs out where we all hang out…on Facebook!

Check it out.  Do it.  GO GET YOUR TREND SHEET!

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