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Getting Started, Gaining Momentum, and Staying Revved Up


Getting Started, Gaining Momentum, and Staying Revved Up

Happy Monday, CrossFitters!  I just discovered something pretty great.  You know the Cooking for Dummies books (and Everything Else for Dummies books) that take up nearly an entire aisle in the bookstore?  Yeah, well this is even better than that!  (And better than a Netflix marathon of Orange Is the New Black, which is really saying something.)


Paul Nobles of Eat to Perform seems to really “get” that there are some sticking points when people get started on the Eat to Perform programquestions, insecurities, and stuff that’s just sometimes a little difficult to understand.  And nothing proves more that HE GETS IT than the fact that I just stumbled across an entire series of The Eat to Perform Guide to Just Getting Started.  ( )

This series contains valuable information and advice on how to kick doubt and insecurities to the curb and just GET STARTED.

He breaks down the steps to going from Netflix-binging-professional to off-the-couch-and-in-charge in easy-to-read language that, well, frankly isn’t too overwhelming and doesn’t require an instant love affair with anything scary (like jumping immediately into a marathon, mind-bending amounts of squats, or food monitoring that requires a degree in nutrition science).

Day One Is Simple

Get off the damned couch.  (Except he says it in a nicer way, sort of.)  His bluntness, however, is of the refreshing variety.  Anyone who’s in my position (Netflix Champion, professional “but it’s hard” whiner), knows that we’re in this predicament because we’ve caused it for ourselves.  No one made my butt get bigger, but darned if it’s not bigger!  (That’s mostly true, with the very rare exception that might involve a health problem that precludes fat loss or certain physical activities.  Let me be clear, however; I have ZERO excuse.)

The Eat to Perform honesty goes on to say, “When you break it down, you can likely find a laundry list of things wrong with what landed you here.”  Yep, pretty much.

So, What to Do About It?

I love Eat to Perform because they acknowledge that yes, things can be overwhelming.  Have you ever felt so behind in something you were working on that it felt like you would be better off just not starting?  That’s sort of the overwhelming feeling that takes over when one realizes that a LOT of things have been allowed to go wrong…for a long time.

And that’s why I also love the Just Getting Started daily articles.  Eat to Perform breaks the process into manageable chunks, all the while recognizing our short-comings, yet still reminding us that we HAVE to take the steps to dig ourselves out of whatever hole we’ve created.

Day 1—In a Nutshell

I’m used to a sit-in-a-chair job that drains me, not physically, but mentally.  Many of you can probably relate.  I’m also used to being so tired and exhausted and mad at myself for sitting on my butt all day, that I go home and continue the vicious cycle by:

  • Kicking off my shoes.
  • Putting on flannel pants and a t-shirt.
  • Plopping on the sofa in front of the TV.
  • Grabbing the remote and finding a Netflix show in which I can drown my sorrows.
  • Wondering what we’ll have for dinner, which usually involves a LOT of cheese.

Sound like a good way to make fitness and nutrition gains? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

So Day 1 involves ONE THING.  I don’t have to make it home, do all the laundry, post to my blog, jog a mile, spend 2 hours on the elliptical, or even make it to the gym.  Not on Day 1.

On Day 1, I have to break up my routine.  I have to aim for some sort of movement instead of aiming for the couch.

Did you know that it takes approximately 66 days to form a new habitYep, 66 days.  I can guarantee I’ve spent a dedicated 66 days (and more) forming the habit of coming home and sitting on the couch.  And that means it’s going to take a little time to a) break that habit and b) form a better habit.

Day 1 – To quote Eat to Perform, “If you were sitting on your couch, start walking around the neighborhood.  Do it now.  Don’t wait until Monday or whatever artificial date you are going to ignore.

Assignment for Day 1: It’s time to go a little further.  If you’re already performing and pushing and excelling at your fitness, what will your Day 1 be?  How can you build just one thing per day into your routine to improve your habits even more and get better results?

For me, Day 1 means GETTING OFF THE COUCH.  If I have to remove the couch from my house, that’s what will happen!  (If any of you drive by and see a sofa on my lawn, please ignore it and just KNOW it’s all part of the plan!)

Time to get moving!  What’s YOUR Day 1?

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