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Getting Started: Day 2


Getting Started: Day 2

If I thought getting off the couch was difficult, I’m pretty sure Eat to Perform’s Guide to Just Getting Started: Day 2 is going to be insanely a whole lot like yanking my wisdom teeth out with rusty pliers and no pain meds.  Day 2 involves me admitting the error of my ways when it comes to staying up really late and watching loads of junk television in an effort to RELAX.  I would love to say I don’t do that, however, I have children.  When they go to sleep, that’s when the PAR-TAY gets started…ahem…that’s when my long day starts to wind down, and my official vegetation cycle in front of the TV begins.


First Thing’s First

I have removed myself from the couch. (Yay!)  And I did it without having to place my couch on the front lawn as self-punishment.  (Double yay!)  However (that’s a BIG however), this whole “Get thee back, Netflix!” thing might be a hella different story.  For those of you who are not aware, Netflix is where Orange Is the New Black, Prison Break, The 100, and many, many other bingeable shows are available.  AND, the best part is that Netflix can totally READ MY MIND and roll right into the next episode without me even having to touch a button.  It’s like magic, really.

Except.  Apparently, it’s like magic that’s contributing to making my ass fat.  Hmmm.

The very wise Paul Nobles explains that late-night TV is one of the things that is ROBBING us of much-needed sleep.  Sleep is one of the things we need to focus on as athletes, as it is integral to our body’s rest and recovery.  Additionally, he warns that TV leading up to bedtime is actually a stimulant—even for those who can fall asleep while watching TV.  He reminds us that if we can fall asleep while the TV is playing, we should consider exactly how much better we would sleep without it playing AT ALL.

Long Story Short

Eat to Perform recommends getting into a healthy pattern that allows us plenty of sleep.  When we stimulate ourselves with too much late-night TV in an attempt to unwind (guilty!), we aren’t doing our bodies any favors.

Instead, try switching up the routine.  Listen to music, read, drink some warm tea.  Nobles also notes that often individuals don’t get enough Vitamin D, so it might be wise to add a Vitamin D supplement to your plan.  Additionally, he recommends giving Natural Calm and magnesium a try to get the body regulated and relaxed.

Assignment Day 2 – Straighten out your sleep.

If your sleep is already straightened out, what can you do to benefit your routine even more and add value to your rest or relaxation routine?  Any suggestions?

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