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Eat to Perform: Just Get Started – Day 3


Eat to Perform: Just Get Started – Day 3

Eat to Perform has provided us beginners with a handy guide to Just Getting Started, and it’s—quite honestly—a bit more daunting that I expected it to be.  In the whole scheme of things, Day 3 really isn’t that far in, however, getting on board has meant coming to terms with some harsh realities that have been holding me back for quite a while.  They are things that seem small, things that seem easy to tweak, BUT if they are allowed to get out of control, they are habits and tendencies that make living our healthiest lives pretty difficult.


To recap, Day 1 was all about getting up and moving.  Sounds simple enough, but if you’re in the habit of sitting all day for work and then going home and flopping onto the couch to relax, it can be a tough habit to break.  Day 2 was about letting go of late-night stimulants (like excessive TV-watching) and allowing ourselves to get enough rest so that our bodies can perform at their best.

Welcome to Day 3, where we “remove all doubt.”  Many of you may have responded like I did, with a very perplexed, “Ummmm???”

When the pros at Eat to Perform tell us to remove all doubt, they’re telling us a couple of things, really:

  • It’s time to realize that what we’ve been doing on our own up until this point hasn’t been working, and we likely need help getting things straightened out, and;
  • It’s time to stop fighting against everything our trainers and coaches are telling us about Eating to Perform, getting strong, and making gains.

Stop Doubting. Start Doing.

It’s a good thing Eat to Perform has broken this down into manageable daily components for those of us getting started, because it would be pretty overwhelming to grasp all at once.  Many of us have been abusing our bodies, overeating, missing out on sleep, and living in denial of the best way to successfully achieve our goals for so long that it’s going to take a simplified, strategic, and direct approach in order to comprehend what’s actually being conveyed.

Day 3 is all about just removing doubt and believing in the process.  Believe in your strength.  Believe that you CAN.  Believe this can and DOES work.  Know your coaches are in your corner and want—more than anything—to see you succeed.

Don’t doubt yourself.  And don’t doubt your potential, your power, and your success.

It’s time to stop doubting and start doing.

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