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Ditch the Excuses and Bring Out Your Inner Badass


Ditch the Excuses and Bring Out Your Inner Badass

“Wanna go for a run with me?”  That’s what I heard from my teenage daughter yesterday.

And my immediate response was, “Like, on a donut run?”

After an exaggerated eye roll, she lectured—yes, lectured—me about how I need to make time to get out and get healthy with her.  “After all, we have to train for Murph.”

Time to Build

Whoa, whoa, WHOA, little lady!  First, I need to make sure my life insurance is paid up, because the last time I heard that word, it was a HALF Murph, and that dude alone nearly killed me.  And furthermore, the most recent run I’ve been on was at Macy’s at the 75% Off Shoe Clearance—and while that stampede of ladies can be dangerous, it’s nothing like doing the most hard-core WOD ever created.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, there are 3 popular “can’t work out today” excuses that have, to date, carried me nicely to this point.  And by that, I mean the point of reaching a new low and purchasing sweat pants designed to look like jeans, effectively allowing me to ignore the fact that my old jeans no longer button.  The favorite excuses are:

  1. My work hours do not—in any way, shape, or form—allow me to make it to the box. Which is only sort of true, but I hear new and awesome things are happening at Cerberus that will effectively eliminate this excuse.  Crap.
  1. Mah baybees don’t have anyone to watch them. Ok, for real.  My youngest children are now 9 years old, and if they can’t entertain themselves for a 1-hour period of time while I exercise, I’ve done something seriously wrong.
  1. And now it’s too late. Which is the DUMBEST excuse on the face of the planet.  P. S. – Don’t even TRY this one with Coach Carl, because I can guarantee that if you tell him you are too old, too fat, or too out of shape to work out, he will smack you square in the head.

When You Run Out of Excuses

And here’s the real crux of the matter.  We all have excuses—it just boils down to what we do with them.  Do you pile them up and keep them for a rainy day, use them liberally, or forget about them and forge ahead with your badass self?

The Rich Fronings and the Camille Leblanc-Bazinets of the world have opted to ditch the excuses—and we see them smashing goals left and right.

So if you’re a beginner (or “vintage stock” that needs a re-boot) or even if you’re just in a rut, check out a few time-tested kicks-in-the-pants that might help you out:

Be proud of where you are.  If you took a break, great.  If you twisted an ankle, oops.  If you’re in the box every day, awesomesauce.  Whatever your gig and wherever you are, that’s where you start.  Everyone has a different story, different goals, different inspirational drivers.  The cool thing about CrossFit is that we can bring all the different stuff together and become a big, happy, sweaty family!

If it feels heavy to you, it’s heavy.  Don’t look at what the guy next to you is lifting.  You’re only in competition with yourself, and you’re only trying to be better than you were yesterday.  And here’s an even tougher one to swallow: If you’ve taken a break, don’t hop back into the box and expect yourself to be exactly where you were when you left.  Don’t beat yourself up; just do the work.

You don’t have to pretend.  Don’t know which bar is the 35 lb. bar and which is the 45 lb. bar?  It’s ok to ask!  We’ve all been there.  Not familiar with a movement, a stretch, or a term?  Same deal.  Ask a boxmate.  I don’t know a lot, but I do know this: Every single person at CrossFit Cerberus will take the time out of his or her day to help you, point you in the right direction, or get you to a resource to help you learn.

Consistency wins.  Every time.  You know how you got better at reading by, well, you know…picking up books?  Same thing here.  The more you show up, the better you’ll get.  Weak back muscles, need to work on endurance, suck at running?  Yes, yes, and yes to all of the above for me.  Where I’ve failed is in the showing up to get better part.  The more you show up, the more you’ll shine.

Hate burpees?  Do burpees.  Whatever your nemesis movement is, adopt it and learn to love it.  Much like it’s hard to love my dentist when she’s drilling on my teeth, I know she’s doing it for my own good.  Same thing goes for the movements that get the best of me—and trust me; there are many, many of them.  Learn to love those movements, knowing they are making you stronger.

You’re gonna have good days & bad days.  On the days when the WOD really sucks, keep your eyes on the prize and know there’s a reason you’re doing this.  On the good days, be the cheerleader for an athlete who is struggling.  That’s how we all get through.  We laugh together, we cheer together, we sweat together.  We do NOT, however, vomit together; get your own bucket.

Don’t aim solely for RX.  Instead, aim for a quality WOD with good movements that’s completed within the intended time parameters.  If you hyper focus solely on RX, you’ll miss out on many of the benefits you could be getting from the WOD.

Pat yourself on the back.  And pat others on the back.  You did good.  Now go fuel your body, rest, hydrate, repeat.

Ditch the excuses and build up your inner badass!

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