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Better Than Yesterday: A CrossFit Kind of Better


Better Than Yesterday: A CrossFit Kind of Better

Sometimes you learn the best lessons in  unlikely places.  It doesn’t seem very likely that we learn fitness lessons in the office, but that’s exactly what happened this week.  In a world filled with competition and people gunning for the top spot, it’s sometimes difficult to step back and realize it’s healthier and more productive to simply improve.

Better Than Yesterday


That’s a mantra we should repeat over and over—because it works in every aspect of life.  As a mom, a wife, a professional, a wanna-be healthy person…all any of us can strive to be is better than yesterday.  That’s the standard we should hold ourselves to: Be better than you were yesterday.

While competition can be healthy at times, sometimes it’s best to step back and take a look at what we’re really gunning for.  Are you gunning for the top spot?  Are you striving for a gold medal?  Or do you just want to make it to the bottom of a deep squat?  Do you want to be able to say, “I did 25 burpees, and I survived”?  Right now, I can do about 5 burpees without gasping for breath and reaching for an inhaler, so lemme tell ya, 25 would be WAY better than yesterday!

Sure, hitting great lifts and reaching heavy PRs and achieving pull-ups are all amazing things; but it’s also pretty great to run 200 meters when you’re used to sitting on the couch.  It’s pretty amazing to place your hands on the rope and attempt a climb when the only thing you’ve been gripping recently is a slice of pizza and the remote control.

So wherever you are—and wherever you start, focus on being better.  Not better than the person who’s at the top of the rope.  Not better than the person who is at the bottom of a squat with 400 lbs. on his shoulders.  And not better than the person climbing the corporate ladder.

Wherever you are, it’s exactly where you need to be right now.  It’s amazing to do ALL THE THINGS that push us past our previous limits.

And that means being better than we were yesterday.  Individually.

We can’t compare ourselves to others in the box or to those who have achieved goals before us.  Their stories are different, and their goals are different.

A CrossFit Kind of Better

There’s better.  And then there’s a CrossFit kind of better.  The CrossFit kind of better means that yeah, you’re going to keep making yourself better, but chances are, you’re also going to help someone else along the way.  That’s what I love about this community.  No matter what your climb may entail, no matter where someone starts or what goals that person sets, someone will climb alongside you.

That’s the kind of better I want to be.  Better than yesterday and part of a community that’s helping everyone else get better.

Now get out there and CLIMB SOMETHING…




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